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Dusakaeva S.T., Vikulova A.A. Development of a system of recommendations for assessing the quality of the pre-packaged salad washing process for the fresh vegetables department in the supermarket // Informacionnye tehnologii i matematicheskoe modelirovanie v upravlenii slozhnymi sistemami: elektronnyj nauchnyj zhurnal [Information technology and mathematical modeling in the management of complex systems: electronic scientific journal], 2023. No. 2(18). P. 33-41. DOI: 10.26731/2658‑3704.2023.2(18).33-41 [Accessed 17/06/23]

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The article describes the main stages of the development of a recommendation system based on a fuzzy logic model for assessing the quality of rinsing packaged lettuce. The need to develop recommendation systems of this kind is due to the urgent problem of improving the quality of services provided, and is also consistent with socially significant issues of modern society - the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and the introduction of proper nutrition, especially in an unfavorable environmental situation. Since the input and output parameters of the mathematical model are fuzzy, the Mamdani fuzzy logic algorithm implemented in the Fuzzy Logic Toolbox programming environment is chosen as the main method of scientific research. The approach used in this article to assess the quality of washing packaged lettuce makes it possible to increase the level of service in supermarkets, which contributes to the formation of a positive image of the retail chain and promotes the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle, orienting customers to purchase proper nutrition products.

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