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A two-wheeled single-track balancing scooter, which was called an "autocat," its principle of construction and advantages in comparison with such individual vehicles, is considered. A linearized mathematical model of autocat motion by angular deviations and lateral acceleration is considered. Based on it, a new - dynamic steering law of the two-wheeled scooter "Autocat" (instead of the previous one, based only on a steady turn) is derived from the complete equations of motion, which provides balancing. Due to the inherent in practice situation of inaccuracy of knowledge of the parameters of the scooter-rider system at the current moment, this law is supplemented by a PI regulator to eliminate lateral acceleration. Such a combined control law allows you to control the turns of the scooter by moving the rider to the sides. At the same time, the "rider-scooter" system after a short transition process is in a balanced state - coordinated turns are performed with no lateral acceleration. Computer modeling in different initial situations confirms this, indicating the effectiveness of the new management law.

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