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The article considers the process of three-dimensional modeling on the example of products having a complex configuration. An example of some aspects of modeling the machine body in the AutoCAD program is given, which is based on the principles of layout and shaping.

The basic principles of creating a 3D model in the 3DS MAX program are considered. The main advantages of modeling are revealed. The use of additive technologies is a promising direction for the development of modern mechanical engineering. The introduction of new technologies helps to make the process less time-consuming. The essence of the technology consists in layer-by–layer application of a material based on a CAD model - a three-dimensional geometric model translated into a specific format for printing on a 3D printer.

Thus, additive technologies and three-dimensional modeling are priority areas of development of the machine-building industry, which allows us to bring our products to a qualitatively new level by expanding the ability to produce parts of any geometric complexity, minimizing material losses, reducing time costs, the possibility of changes in the project at the production stage, as well as optimizing production processes in general.

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