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In the proposed article we describe a mechanism of modeling information security threats which based on data of the FSTEC security threat bank. The mechanism of implementation of requirements for modeling information security threats is described, based on a new methodology adopted by FSTEC 05.02.2021. An approach to build a model of information security threats taking into account the modern requirements of regulators, which are based on the FSTEC database is proposed. The important role of using the FSTEC threat database data to build an up-to-date threat model using techniques and tactics of a potential violator is emphasized. Special attention is paid to the mandatory application of this technique in modeling current threats to information security in state information systems, significant objects of critical information infrastructure, information systems of the military-industrial complex, as well as in personal data information systems. Modern approaches and capabilities of Internet resources for threat search and vulnerability analysis are analyzed, their advantages and disadvantages are currently relevant. Practical recommendations are given for the use of the FSTEC Internet resource by students of higher educational institutions and information security specialists of institutions and organizations in modeling information security threats.

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