Foreword from the Editor in Chief

         The journal "Information Technology and Mathematical Modeling in the Management of Complex Systems" is focused on the publication of scientific and methodological works in the field of technical cybernetics on automatic control, process and system modeling, information technology, information processing and security.

          Articles of Doctors and Candidates of Science, as well as postgraduate students, Master’s degree students and students in collaboration with supervisors are accepted for publication.

        The journal publishes not only articles of Irkutsk State Transport University employees, but also external authors from all regions of Russia and from abroad. The author's fee for the publication is not charged.

          The magazine has 6 sections:

1.         Mathematical problems of modeling systems

2.         Information technology in the management of technical and socio-economic objects

3.         Information technology in education

4.         Software and technical problems of information security

5.         Elements and devices of computers and control systems

6.         Automation and process control      

3-4 sections are formed in each issue.

          Articles are checked for possible plagiarism and are examined by leading Russian or foreign scientists. The magazine continues the tradition of two collections of articles: “Information systems for monitoring and control in industry and transport” (published in 1998-2018 under the editorship of the Honored Worker of the Russian Federation, D. Sc. in Engineering, Professor Yu.F. Mukhopad), "Information technologies and problems of mathematical modeling of complex systems" (published in 2004-2018, edited by D. Sc. in Engineering, Professor S.I. Noskov). Both collections were notable for a high scientific level and were in demand in Russia.

          Sending the article to the journal, the author expresses consent to publish it, post it on the journal’s website, on the Internet, and submitting the article with bibliographic information to third parties, providing this information to which is mandatory.

          The editors do not enter into a discussion with the authors of the rejected materials, but provide information about the comments and the reasons for a possible rejection. Reprinting and publication of materials without the prior written consent of the editors of the journal is not allowed. Articles for publication in the journal are accepted in Russian or English.

          I wish our authors creative success, and the magazine "Information Technology and Mathematical Modeling in the Management of Complex Systems" to take its rightful place among the leading scientific publications in Russia.

 Sergey I. Noskov, D. Sc. in Engineering, Professor