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Kuzin M.V., Skorobogatov M.E., Alekseenko V.A. Development of a device for automated control of the actual transfer of the switch electric drive of electric centralization systems of railway stations // Informacionnye tehnologii i matematicheskoe modelirovanie v upravlenii slozhnymi sistemami: ehlektronnyj nauchnyj zhurnal [Information technology and mathematical modeling in the management of complex systems: electronic scientific journal], 2023. No. 1(17). P. 18-26. DOI: 10.26731/2658‑3704.2023.1(17).18-26 [Accessed 31/03/23]

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Switch control schemes are among the most critical, as it is a device that ensures the safety of train traffic at the station. Existing circuit solutions have a number of disadvantages that can lead to obtaining false control of the arrow. A number of reasons for the failures of switch control circuits are associated with the lack of automated control of the actual transfer of the switch electric drive of the electric interlocking systems of railway stations. This article proposes a control device for the actual transfer of the electric switch drive by fixing the rotation of the main shaft. The device is built on the basis of a microcontroller, and the registration of the fact of the operation of the drive to move the pointer is carried out using Hall sensors. The paper describes the main results of creating a functional layout of a device based on the Arduino microcontroller. To assess the possibility of implementing the device on a real electric drive, a design analysis was performed in order to determine the possible location of the control sensors. To visualize the location of the sensors, a real-scale 3D model of the automatic switch unit of the SP-6M electric drive was built, which made it possible to exclude significant design changes. electric drive.

Also, the main tasks of further development of a device for automated control of the actual transfer of an electric switch drive were formulated.

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